04 September 2012

I Received Dollar Payment From Adf.ly

As I checked and opened my google email, with a mild and stress glance of my email main window i saw something interesting in my inbox message(one that has cool indication icon that signifies a quality email or a direct email from me) that makes my nerve to be in active state opps :).Okey then, one of my emails marked as important pertained to Paypal: Trusted Payment System and so i clicked that has a yellow icon. To continur, as i was reading the message, i half-smiled because I got something that triggers my sense of excitement. WHY?
Well, the good news is I got amount of $5.32 USD in my Paypal account from the Adf.ly ( a bit of shock and happy at the same time ^_^). Oh wait! I never expected this thing to be in this early payment cash out because i really thought i can received an amount of $5 in the month of December and whoever thought i could received such amount? Well, if you are in Online Market, you will know and might try to say to me that I still got small amount of earning.

Small Earnings Need Not to Underestimate
As the Chinese quoted for any business: "Small Earnings but Always". Though, it was a small earnings but it is semi-passive earning type(I termed it to be semi because at first you really need effort to put links into Ad URL and in the long run it will eventually earned passively)

There's a Money in URL
Yes, there is! One of the methods to earn money is to post website link with a shorten URL like in Adf.ly service that can earn cash in the shorten URL. All you have to do is shorten any links and whoever view it you will earn money. Simply huh? In my post about earning cash with Adf.ly, i put some details here.

Let me give you some facts about Adf.ly
  • Earn $4.00 / 1000 visitors in the links.
  • Refer users and get a massive 20% commission.
  • Easy-to-reach $5.00 minimum payout.
  • It is completely FREE!
How to earn money with Adfly?
First you need an account, register here, once you got your account. Start to put website and convert it in Adf.ly, so that when you share that link, you can earn money with it. Take note that a total of 1000 pageviews to earn $4. Sounds difficult but the thing is: you are just sharing the Adf.ly link.

 Bad News: If you plan to share it in Facebook, you are having a big trouble here because Facebook blocks and tags it as a spammer. So you will just share it in some chat system like Yahoo Messenger. You can also put it in your download links in your blog because it has more chance in gaining more earnings.

Proof of Earnings
Like anybody, you and me want to earn extra money too in a simple way with less effort, but here the good thing about Adf.ly is, it answers what your wants about earnings, here, you can find it more convenient to earn cash with Adf.ly. To inspire you, I received an amount in USDollar. Here's my screenshot and i censored the transaction ID for secure purposes.

In this Screenshot you will see
  • The sender
  • Business Contact Information
  • Amount Received
  • Net Amount
  • Fee Amount
  • Date and Time
  • Status

Heres my sample of screenshot that i actually received a $5.32 USD from Adf.ly dated September 04 2012, 00:29:40 GMT+08:00. I just wanna share it with you... and i personally recommend you to try this service to earn extra cash by just sharing shorten URL links.

If you want to earn extra money, you can register here.

Theres no harm in trying right?

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