23 August 2012

Remote Control Your Samsung Phones

Do you want to access your Android Phones remotely? There is an app that lets you control of your smartphones and wait...it can access in tablets too.

Introducing TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer known company that created the widely popular collaboration support software. Yes, in fact, i used this while troubleshooting PC/laptop problems with my friends without the physical presence and..it is more convenient. And today, the company has released an application that will let you remotely control your android phones and tables. Sounds fun right?

You can  also provide technical assistance to your friends, and family even if you are miles away with this amazing app - TeamViewer QuickSupport.

TeamViewer QuickSupport is an app that you can remotely control your Samsung Android smartphone devices and tablets via with your computer/laptop/network. Imagine accessing android phones and tablets with your PC..sounds great right?

In addition, it is more convenient to access your Samsung smartphones especially you forget to bring it.

TeamViewer QuickSupport Capabilities

  • Edit text messages
  • check email accounts
  • check settings
  • troubleshot problems with apps
  • and other stuffs that you want to do in the devices

How it works?
1. First you need to install the application

Note: This application can be used completely starting from Android 2.3.3 version

Once installed, it will give you
  • TeamViewer ID
  • Sends data via text message 
  • Sends data via e-mail.
This ID will be used to connect the Android smartphones and tablets, then it will display confirmation and then you can now remotely control the device. :_)


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