08 August 2012

Interactive Google Doodle: Play Basketball

Are you bored in many hours working? Try to play basketball in Google. Today, Google secondly added interactive playable doodle in their homepage with continuing support of London 2012 Olympics celebration.

Yesterday, Google had their first interactive doodle - Hurdle Game  , that gives us track and field race of hurdle. Of course, we enjoyed it. We earned points for it. Having the feeling of excitement and curiosity, we were able to play the Google Doodle. And today, we can play Interactive Basketball. Google features basketball as part of their support in the London 2012 Olympics. Here, Google had a graphic of a player dressed blue uniform. This interactive game lets users shoot and earn points (2 points and 3 points) using spacebar or by clicking the right click on your mouse.

How To Play Basketball in Google Doodle?
Google doodle for today -- basketball -- enables you to use either pressing spacebar key or left clicking on your mouse . The key to earn more points here are timing and focus. Well, at first you cannot earn more points here. But later on, you will know some techniques here.

It shows a timer 24 seconds and shows points too. Your audience is the word 'google'.

1. To play and shoot the ball, you can use SpaceBar key or left click (mouse). Depending on where you are convenient to use to shoot, well, its really up to you.
2. The longer you hold your space bar and left-click, the more power to release the ball. (thats why, when you play it for the first time, you really got low scores)

3. And now, you can play and earn points. The timer has a 24 seconds only, you really need to shoot fast as you could but you need to hold to perfectly shoots the ball in the basket.

There are levels of earning points
1. First Level - you are in the Free Throw position and you will earn 2 points (this is the standard scoring in basketball), for 5(successive successful) shoots, you will be on the next level.
2. Second Level - you are set backward a bit but you still earn 2 points ( For 4 successive successful shoot ) you are now advanced to next level.
3. Third Level - you are now on the 3 points area, for 4 successful successive shoots you are now set backward more.

4. Forth Level - you are still earn 3 points here but theres a little more time here and you really need to hold your keys or hold left click a little bit more.

5. Enjoy playing with Google Doodle Basketball, i play a lot here and gain knowledge and techniques. And for that reason, i earned 42 points for 24 seconds.

Basketball is a ball game that is known all over the globe, and i know you are familiar with the game or if that you are a big fan of your favorite team  locally or internationally. And some of you might be one of the players too.

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