07 August 2012

Play Hurdles Game In Google Homepage

Today's Google Doodle: London 2012 Hurdles. As part of Google's support to the event London 2012 Olympics --this day, it features the game called hurdles.
If you visit the website of Google, you will see a graphic of a man with red clothes who are ready to run and finish the race. Yes! In fact, you can play with it, by pressing the red button you can start racing.

Google Doodle: Hurdles Allows You To Play
Google features Hurdles as part of their campaign to feature the London 2012 Olympics. Here, you can play  100 m hurdles.

How to Play Google Hurdle?
1. By pressing the play button, it displays option of what keys you will use and hit. 

2. Hit left and right keys, to run fast.
3. You will now see that the man will run forward, and you will notice a hurdles(a bar that positioned between 100meters spaces) that needs to jump off( the reason to press the left and right keys is that it will get a momentum so that it will not bumped in the runner)

4. To jump the hurdles, you need to press 'Space' key but of course with proper timing so that the runner wont bump the hurdle.

5. For a minute, you will reached the finish line.
6. And you can see tour score! :)
I think Google wants to feel the hurdles game and made this cool doodle. But....

What is Hurdles?
Hurdling is a type of track and field game race that can be played both women and men. There are 2 types of this race:
  • Sprint Hurdle Race - it is a standard type of hurdle race that is usually played by men for a 110meters and by women for a 100 meters .
  • Long Hurdle Race - a race that both men and women can play for a 400 meters.
London 2012 Olympics includes this kind of race.

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