01 August 2012

Outlook.com: The NEW Webmail Experience

Looking for another new cool webmail ? If you love yahoomail, hotmail, and gmail, then probably you will love this preview.
Outlook Web based mail was build to help integrating social networks with your friends. Not, only with social networking sites, but it synchronize other services too like Office and SkyDrive.

Experience and Meet Outlook.com Preview

Together with the launching of Windows 8. The developers also rethink Outlook - Outlook.com.

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Top features
  • Improved Spam Filtering
  • Mailbox clean tools
  • Speed and clean interface(minimalist look)
  • Synchronize with SkyDrive
  • 300MB Single Attachment 
  • Share and collaborate with Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
  • Address book alive with theio latest updates.
  • Automate inbox (spam filters,newsletters)
  • Connect and sync to Facebook and Twitter

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