21 August 2012

HOW TO: Skip Ads and Bypass Countdown?

Do you feel annoyed every time you visit a website, and then you will wait for a second just to view the desired page? If you are one of those who feels annoyed, there's good news for you.

Though sometimes, an advertisement has a good effect especially to those advertisers and publishers to earn traffic and money, for an average visitor sometimes it creates hatred, especially it will take some seconds of time.
Advertiser Countdown Sites
Probably, you know some ads program sites like Adfocus and adf.ly right?

Yes, they serve to shorten the URL and then generate a new link with their domain in it. And the publisher who posted it can earn cash too. But to make such money, the visitors shall wait for 5 seconds. It is just a small seconds, right? But in that period of time, the user starting to annoy.

For me, I use Adf.ly to earn money, I didn't find myself visiting on some websites who use Adfly or other ads site, provider. For me, if I wanted to get one file or maybe an information, I rather wait 5 seconds than to rage hate. It makes me weak and more stress so be patient enough. But again, we are not the same type of person, that's why I posted a topic like this to those who are impatient :))

So now the question is: How to Bypass Ads Countdown?
You can skips ads by using this script made by Tommy named 'Ads Skipper.' Basically, it will avoid preparation on some ads sites like Adfly. And it will automatically redirect to direct link. Sounds great right? Yes, if you are a confused type person, well, this is a good chance.

Ads Skipper version 2.9 
A script that skips ads and it will redirect to direct link.

Install Ads Skipper Now
You can view and install here Ads Skipper

For Google Chrome User

  • You need to download the script here 
  • But there's a slight problem with Chrome, it will now install automatically unless it came from Chrome Web Store
  • So the trick here is to download the file then
  • Open this URL: chrome://chrome/extensions
For Mozilla Firefox User
  • You need to install Greasemonkey script first
  • After that, you need to download the Ads Skipper Script here
For Opera Users
  • Download the script and save in a folder here
  • Rename the JS
  • Open Opera and go to its settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> Javascript Options -> and in browser User Javascript folder (folder that you have saved the js script)
  • Click OK
For full features:

you may visit here http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/118033


No longer working as of Feb. 2017

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