13 August 2012

Boost Your Traffic With LinkCollider

Do you want to boost traffic on your website? Did you know that there are lots of websites that offer free and paid service to get more visitors and traffics? Today, I will share to you one good website that really offers better traffic quality and service.
Updated August 21 2012
I became TOP 5 now :))

Updated August 19 2012
There's a problem with the GPlus feature here..so they removed that feature. For all changelogs http://linkcollider.com/changelogs

In my blog post last, July 22 2012, entitled Top 5 Websites to Increase Traffic, I gave some top websites for you to choose and to earn more traffic in your websites.

Why do we engage in this service?
We may asked ourselves the same question above, why do we join in some traffic generated sites? For the benefit of everyone, we are joining those traffic generated websites because we want to be RANKed TOP with our websites to all over sites in the world. In this case, Alexa rank probably the reason to rank up. To increase ALEXA Rank, we really need to gather more and more traffics but how? By joining with these websites, we can increase it dramatically. So if I increase my Alexa? so whats next? Increasing Alexa rank, made us to feel that our websites are more important and reliable because it has higher rank than to some domain urls.

Link Collider - Broadcast Your Website
Today, i will introduce you to join with the Link Collider - Broadcast Your Website. Yes, the name itself would really mean to earn more traffics. Link Collider helps our website to earn and boost traffic so that we would be higher in rank.

Why do you need to register with Link Collider?
Link Collider is simple, free and convenient to earn traffic by just posting your website, blog post, and other link. It does not only adds more traffic, but it can add more likes, twitter followers, Gpluses, and Youtube Views.

How does it work?
Link Collider offers Free Service to boost traffic. In order to achieve more traffic, likes, tweet, GPlus, Followers, and Youtube Viewers. You need to collect TOKENS.

What is TOKENS?
Well, Token is a thing required to get more traffic. It is more like virtual money. If you don't have TOKENS, then you will be more less likely to get traffics.

To get FREE TOKENS you need to choose the following activities:
  • Like - Facebook Like - you can earn more likes here
  • Tweet - Twitter - they will tweet your link and have a chance to earn more visitors.
  • Google Plus - Google Plus - More +1s so that it will be more visible on Google Search.
  • Share - Facebook URL - shares your websites to potentially earn visitors.
  • Follow - Twitter Followers - Earn more followers on your Twitter Account.
  • Auto - Browse other website automatically ( i really used this kind of activity)
  • Click - click other sites to earn more tokens.
  • Watch - Watch Youtube and earn tokens.
Note that FREE TOKENS has 20,000 only at a time.

However, if you dont have time to collect more tokens, you can buy for it => Buy it.

How do I know my Tokens?
You will know if you dont have token, because it displays zero in your account or if not they will send you tru email (usually you can view this in your bulk or spam). You can enjoy this website because you can level up! By the way, im SEO Professional by status. =)

Simple right? You can register/join here => Click and Join Link Collider. Link Colleder has Page rank 4 too. So you can trust this site.

and.... Good news! you can post unlimited url websites! And you can monitor your websites whats happening to them. List of My Websites. Well, the good thing is I'm one of the top 20s in Link Collider.

To summarize, Link Collider offers
  1. Free Service
  2. More Activities to earn Traffic
  3. Unlimited URL posts
  4. Level Up system to enjoy once in a while.
  5. Rank TOP
  6. Increases your Alexa
Register it here: Link Collider

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