21 August 2012

Share, Earn and Discover With ChurpChurp.com

Good day guys! I want to share with you this cool site that lets you share, discover and even earn a money by just sharing links to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Are you interested with this? ^_^
IF you are looking to earn extra money online here then you can try this community site. I will tell you, it is FREE and you need not expend some money just to earn. Its completely fun and Free! Today, i will share this awesome site with you.

ChurpChurp: Share, Earn and Discover

ChurpChurp.com is a social media site that lets you discover cool and interesting topics, share information and hey, earn money out of this. In fact, i actually earned in Pesos here, though it is a small amount...still, i think big hope with this service (oh yes, Its been awhile since i came back and reviewed ChurpChurp [you can register here]). 

Some things you can actually do in Churpchurp:
  • Earn money just by sharing messages particularly campaign type messages.
  • Discover and share trending information the your friends would love.

Churpchurp is not a new site, in fact, they were sister company with Nuffnang (which offers good earnings through some advertisers and i actually requested my first cashout with Nuffnang. You may see here

Is it FREE service?
Churpchurp is completely FREE, and you can register and join here. Click here to register and start earning for sharing it in social networking sites. Registering here is easy and you can use other network to register too so it wont take you more time in joining.

So how do I earn cash here?
To earn cash here is by using a campaigns, these campaigns simply mean that you will need to share the link in some social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These links may be available or may be not depending on the site. The thing is: Churpchurp will give you more unique links so that it will be more chance to earn cash so dont worry ^_^. The system process here is that, you will get rewarded by the number of unique clicks during a campaign period. So if you will share link campaign, you will earn if someone will click the link.

Is it FUN right? For now, try to join first and share some campaign links... hope you will earn too :))

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