19 July 2012

Top 5 Highest Paying Keywords Adsense July 2012

Google Adsense is a Free Advertising Service made by Google that can profits both publishers and advertisers. Google Adsense gives more earning profits than other advertising company. To see and know how to earn money online.  
Earning money with Google Adsense really needs time and effort for it. 
Someone said: Treat Adsense as a Business. Yes, if we really wants to earn more money then we should make business out of it. As a publisher, we need to gather some keywords that are high paying. When I search for the high paying keywords in July 2012, i saw some legal keywords related. 

Top 5 Highest Paying Keywords for Google Adsense July 2012
  • $66.89 austin dwi
  • $58.30 austin dwi attorney
  • $54.56 san diego dui attorney
  • $47.44 houston criminal attorney
  • $42.83 san diego dui
Though i posted whats on my experiences like useful information, i guess i didnt maximize the earnings though i had my 2nd cashout with my Adsense. And i am thankful for the Google Adsense.

Because of my curiosity, i researched all of those high paying keywords for Adsense. I found out that Austin DWI has more search results.
I have troubled in understanding whats DWI or DUI meant, but with some research to Google, i found out that. DUI short for Driving Under the Influence while DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. 

There you have it, the Top 5 Highest Paying Keywords for Google Adsense July 2012 is more on Legal Matters.


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