09 July 2012

Improve Battery Life in Your Laptop

Optimizing battery life in every laptop creates more productive. If you work longer in your laptop usage, you can perform more.
Tips and Information about on how to improve battery life.
    photo: asus laptop
  • If the battery is fully charged, the battery stops at receiving charging energy, and it is not harmful, but it can cause overheating.
  • Games can consume a significant amount of heat temperature so when playing the battery should be removed to prevent overheating.
  • Don't fully discharges to power shut to 0%. It is recommended to partial discharges to 20-30%.
  • Windows Aero feature (visual effects in Vista and 7 ) requires graphics acceleration, and it will decrease the battery lifetime so you can disable this feature too.
  • Search Indexer is a service that increases power consumption. Disabling this service is better.
  • When buying a laptop, look for the low power consumption processors.
  •  Set your brightness to dim, using your Fn(function key + low light) will help your battery lasts long.
    laptop batteries
  • Multitasking is good, but it has an adverse effect on the battery life because it runs with the large resource consumption. So be Wise. Close programs that are not needed.
  • Applications in the system tray(found right below) can still consume power even if it is idle. End this application can help boost battery life. See more details here:  https://www.mabzicle.com/2011/09/software-optimize-boost-pc-game.html
  • Background processes can cause negative impact too. Disabling these will help battery life lasts long. You can use software to disable unwanted background processes. You can visit here =>  Optimize and Boost PC Performance
  • Okay, clean your battery. 
  • Charging and plugging some gadgets in your laptop can decrease battery life. It is important to unplug it if it is not necessary needed.
  • Optimized Power Management by enabling this feature in the device. Set is in battery optimized mode can help battery life lasts long. In Control Panel -> click System and Security -> Power Options -> set to Power Saver -> to prevent fast draining of battery.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can create massive energy consumption. Data transfers can drain the battery. Disabling these when it is not used can be more helpful. 
  • Defragment helps the application to be faster. Using it regularly can less the application from accessing hard drive times. Thus it saves the battery. You can visit here  Smart Defrag to Boost PC System
  • Lastly, use direct power. If you are at home, try to use direct power supply in your laptop to prevent from potential unwanted damages in your battery. :))


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