08 July 2012

Modify Your Timeline Into One Block

Sometimes, it is really confusing when browsing to someone's timeline because you try to look left and right block just to see the updates or photo posted.

Sweet Timeline is a script that modifies Facebook Timeline looks. It just arranges all data (photo, apps, updates) into one block.

Sweet Timeline was created by (C) David Cabrera 2012.The script is now version 1.46

Final Output when using the script
How to Add Modify your Facebook Timeline to look one block only?
Follow these Steps:
For Mozilla Firefox Users
1. First, ou must install Grease Monkey Script.
You can install it. Click Below
Run code a small bit of Javascript

Click Download Now

Once you are done in downloading it. Click INSTALL NOW button

Once installed, Click Restart Now.

Success! GreaseMonkey is now installed! And then.

2. Once you successfully installed the GreaseMonkey then you need to install the hide offline facebook friends option script. Go to Install Modify Timeline. It will download...
3. Click Install Button
4. Success!!

You can disable it or remove it
Goto TOOLS -> ADD-ONS and disable/uninstall it
For Google Chrome Users
Theres no need to install GreaseMonkey
1. Go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/129894

2. Click the Install Button
3. Success!

You can remove it in your extension

visit and click chrome://chrome/extensions/
look for the script (sweet timeline) and uncheck it and it will disable.


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