11 July 2012

Infolinks - Win $100: Optimize Site With Pinterest

Infolinks is an In-Text Advertising corporation that serves and provides benefits both publishers and advertisers. Infolinks has the highest revenue share that publishers would like to add it to their websites.
In the Infolinks Blog post dated June 25, 2012. Infolinks adds a prize of $100 to those bloggers, publishers, and advertisers that follow the Infolinks Bord link on Pinterest. While Pinterest is now famous and one of the social networks that have a traffic of 1 million visitors per day. It's hard to imagine that one website will get high traffic in a small period of time.

Pinterest is a new social media network that has a virtual pinboard feature. Members can pin pictures all over the web.

Infolinks team visualize this as a great opportunity for them and to those who are publishers and advertisers too.

If you don't have Infolinks and Pinterest account yet then 
register here:
Infolinks | http://www.infolinks.com/
Pinterest | http://pinterest.com/

then follow Infolinks Board link => http://pinterest.com/infolinks/countdown-to-optimization/

Aside from winning a $100, you can learn on how to optimize the websites. If we are not lucky to win $100 don't worry, we still are able to learn tips on how to optimize our blogs.


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