12 July 2012

Lady Gaga Launches Social Network

Good news Lady Gaga fans! Lady Gaga Launches her Social Network called "Little Monsters". We all know how famous and popular Lady Gaga is. Yes, shes one of a kind. Though, many people hates her because of her music that has double meaning and sometimes it creates alarming to religion sects. Lady Gaga not only famous a famous artist but famous also in social networking sites.
Did you know that Lady Gaga has, 26.8 million Twitter followers, 52.6 million Facebook fans, and 2.8 million Google+ followers? With this love of social media, Lady Gaga launches her social networking site.

Lady Gaga Launches Little Monsters
Little Monsters is a social network website that allows fans to created Gaga Content, share with it, talk to other fans - a so called Little Monster.
You can visit here | Little Monsters

Little Monster Feature
With every cool website, it has this unique and cool feature, sample in Pinterest (with its PIN ). 
Little Monsters has multilingual chat feature that allows fans to send and interact across the globe (though this feature is usually used in most websites)

Little Monsters Developers
The website was created by Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter with the help of developer Backplane
 ( Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen with former Google Designer Joey Primiani and Former Palantir director of operations Alex More)

Do you want to register and engage in Little Monsters?


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