17 July 2012

Infolinks New Publisher Center Interface

Infolinks is a in-text advertising company that gives opportunity to those publishers and advertisers to earn money and expose websites tru ads.  Yes, being a publisher and earn money is one of the good things. Aside from earning money, the registration is FREE and setting up the code in blog/website is very easy as A,B.C.
Infolinks Upgrades its New Graphics in Publishers Center. Yes, this is a cool one. Easy to navigate, and it is state-of-the-art style, and HTML5 and CSS3 look.

If you are able to tour its new Publishers Center, you are feel more comfortable than before.

Integration Tab Page

Report Tab Page
  • Report Preferences
  • Social Networking Site at the left side
  • Dashboard and Notification at the left side also

Account Tab Page
  • Add Website at the left side

Customize Tab Page
New Tab Page


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