07 July 2012

How to Unlock Blocked Website ESET ESS/EAV

Sometimes when browsing some websites, your ESET will block it, and it is really annoying! For those users used ESET as their Anti-Virus, you know what I mean.

Just in case, your ESET blocks a website you can still unblock it. There are some options here.

Steps in Unlocking ESET

First is to temporarily disable your ESET ESS/EAV Antivirus

1. In your system tray, right-click the ESET icon(green, orange, red color)

It might be potentially dangerous. Dangerous because what if you forget to enable it again?
If you disable Real-Time file system protection, it will disable the only Real-Time module, cut in other modules of the ESET, it is still working.

Also you can temporarily disable all Antivirus modules you can click Disable Antivirus and AntiSpyware Protection.

2. Just Uncheck the Http/Https section

Particularly, you just want to access blocked websites, this is the best option


1. Go to your ESET window.
2. Then hit F5 key(advanced option), it will show Setup Diablog window.
3. Then in the Antivirus and Antispyware tree (in the left plane) -> go to the Web Access Protection then
4. click [+] HTTP, HTTPS then
5. In the right pane, uncheck the Enable Http checking ports, 80,8080,3128

Now you can access blocked websites. Enjoy!

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