17 July 2012

HOW TO: Transfer Windows 7 to USB Drive

Windows 7 is the Best and Finest Operating System that Microsoft made. Windows 7 has lot of features and improvements than those of Windows Vista. From design to performance, Windows wins other other Microsoft OS.
Nowadays, Netbook has become popular because of its small-size, easy to carry, and powerful device too. Due to its popularity and ease to use, the problem however is that, it has no CD/DVD rom drive which is sometimes more important in a system.

What if you want to Reformat your Netbook?
You can reformat using the USB drive boot to Windows 7, or you can use external CD/DVD rom. But using USB drive is much efficient and easy to use. The question is: How do I put Windows 7 to USB drive?

How to Transfer Windows 7 to USB drive?
There are lots of softwares out there that can put your Windows 7 to transfer in flash disk. Here, i show and give you the software and the procedure on how to boot Win7 to USB drive. I used Novicorp WinToFlash software beta.

Steps to follow:
1. Download the Software here
2. Extract and Run the wintoflash.exe
3. Choose Advanced Mode ( Though you can use the wizard mode, but based on my experience, i feel more okey in Advanced mode) then choose Transfer Windows Vista/2008/7 setup to USB drive.
4. In your Source directory, choose your Windows 7 file directory path( Note: i hope you have your own Windows 7 file)

5. Choose your USB Drive path ( here i have my drive J: )
Take note: Use 2GB + capacity, recommended is 4GB. Since Windows 7 creates 1.23GB space in the USB drive )

6. Click RUN, and then it display Windows License Agreement window.

7. While in the formatting drive status, sometimes it displays error. ( In my experience,at first it will get error stating the Drive Error, ETC., with this, try to format your USB drive ( Quick Format will DO) and repeat Step 2 :) ) If successfully created it will display, creating folders, extract. etc.

8. Done! You can now use it to reformat netbook or even PC/Laptop components. It is handy and easiest way. :)

This USB Drive Windows 7 is really important in Reformatting Netbook. Do you successfully transfer your Windows 7 to your USB Drive? If yes, hit share,tweet,like, if no..comment here. :) Thanks ^____^


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