09 July 2012

HOW TO: Change Thumbnail Preview Win7

Sometimes when you want to see the preview thumbnail of your applications that you have opened, the previews were small. 

How can i display the preview thumbnail?
To show the preview thumbnail, you must mouseover the software opened in the taskbar and can be found below as shown the screenshot below.

How to change taskbar preview?
By using the Registry Editor you can achieve it.

To change thumbnail preview in Windows 7 follow these steps.
1. Open the Run dialog box(use Windows key +r) or click start and type regedit in the textbox to display the Registry Editor
2. In your regedit window, (in the left plane), go to
  • Software ->
  • Microsoft ->
  • Windows ->
  • CurrentVersion ->
  • Explorer ->
  • Taskband
3. then in the right place, create New DWORD 32 bit value
4. name it with "MinThumbSizePx"
5. Now double click the DWORD that you have just created and choose Modify 
6. Choose Decimal radio button and set it to 1000.
7. Log off your PC to take effect.
7. Now you can preview bigger thumbnail in your taskbar. Enjoy!

See the Screenshot below after creating MinThumbSize and set to 1000 :)


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