01 July 2012

HOW TO: Login Multiple Yahoo Messenger

On most software even games, the rule is one login per user in the system. This is ideally important because it creates no further potential flood and minor spams among the users. In my experience, sometimes it is useful too in login using multiple accounts. One dummy and one real.
Yahoo is one of the Best Instant Messagings around the globe. And it is FREE. Though you can chat with your friends by merely using your Yahoo Email. Sometimes, it is better to use the stand-alone program it is more cool user experience.

How to Login Multiple Yahoo Messenger
Using a trick in registry makes it possible.

Follow these steps:
1. Start -> type "run"

2. then type regedit
*If you are using Windows 7 just type Regedit on the textbox in click Start (windows logo)
3. Now you will see Registry Editor

5. Then look for the SOFTWARE folder
6. Choose Yahoo -> Pager -> Test

7. In the right pane of the window, right-click then choose New -> DWORD(32 bit)
8. Name the Dword you created to plural

9. Restart your YM
10. Enjoy! ^_^

But wait, if you are lazy enough to follow these procedure. You can copy, paste,and save this to .reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


save it <filenam>.reg sample: multipleyahoo.reg

About Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a Free Service created by Yahoo Inc. It is one of the best IMs in the world. It is easy to invite friends to chat, high quality full screen video, low PC-to-phone calls, send SMS to mobile friends, instant message with a friend, create conference  with friends, cool styles, uses built in media player, views photos, and easy access to history. You can free download it here

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