25 July 2012

HOW TO: Fix Start Up Problems Windows 7

Have problems in your Windows 7 Start Up? Then you really need time to read and discover on how to repair it. Sometimes, your OS might hang up in Windows start up display because of some several reasons Fixing and troubleshooting are complicated tasks and it really needs more  knowledge, patience, and time to solve the problems.
If you are seeing Starting Windows and it hangs, probably, problem has occurred. These problems might be in Software or in Hardware.
How to Fix reboot to Windows 7
There are few steps and tips to repair reboot start up problems

Solution No. 1
  • Just try to reboot your pc or laptop. If it is okey then, cheers! It might be in the software side, sometimes when it first boot, it does not completely load some important files and that, it hangs.
Solution No. 2
  • If you failed in just reboot and reboot again, there is a serious problem. Try to use System Repair tool, sometimes it will appear on the screen. Try to use and then reboot... if it boots, well congrats! :)
Choose the 'Repair your computer' option located in the lower left of the display.
The System Repair tool will search for a valid operating system.

Solution No.3
  • Insert your Windows 7 installation or Windows 7 System Repair DVD. Boot first priority must be CD Drive or External Devices, so that it will boot to Windows 7 installation or system repair window.
If you dont have Windows 7 DVD you can try this:

Create a Bootable Windows 7 DVD using the .ISO file
Burning Windows 7 ISO File to DVD
Click here: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/977640

If you are using netbook and doesnt have cd/dvd drive or external cd writer, it might be useful to use USB drive that has a Windows 7 on it.

Create Bootable Windows 7 to USB Drive
Click => How to create bootable Windows 7 to Flash Drive

Solution No. 4
Using Command Prompt

In Windows 7 System Repair window
1. Click ‘Next’ at the keyboard selection prompt and when the ‘System Recovery Options’ screen appears verify that the “Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows” is selected.
2. Choose Command Prompt
3. Enter the following Commands

4. type: bootrec.exe  /fixmbr
5. type: bootrec.exe  /fixboot
6. type: bootrec.exe  /ScanOs ( compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Use this option to display Boot Manager in Windows Vista or Windows 7
bootrec.exe  /RebuildBcd

7. Close the command prompt window
8. and click the ‘Startup Repair’ option. ( do this at least 3 times )
 wait until the process completes at which point you will see two messages
“Windows cannot repair this computer automatically” and “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically”.

9. click ‘Finish’  and run the ‘Startup Repair’ 
10. then Reboot the computer.

These are the possible solution to the Windows start up problems! If the above steps still doesnt solve your problem, then you need to take it to the technicians or computer expert. If you still have warranty, then it might be a good one to give your system so that they can fix it for FREE! ^_^


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