30 July 2012

HOW TO: Become Top Commenter on Facebook

What are the Benefits of being a Top Commenter on Facebook? Well, i dont exactly know what it does and what it benefits to those who are on TOP Commenter status. What I really noticed is my next name's with a star icon and a text of Top Commenter :)

Being a Top Commenter sometimes boost your personality I mean, you are really keen to comment with your sarcasm and humorous idea. If you are a Top Commenter on Facebook, it is only of the Facebook Comment Plugin.

Facebook Comments Plugin is very useful tool for a webmaster to add it in any website. This add-on helps the website to engage its viewer by putting their ideas into comments. One way Facebook to promote the plugin and wants it to be used to many webmaster are to put a TOP Commenter Status.

You might asked and interested on how to become one. To become the Chosen One has become small milestone to success. Opps..with fame..,, :)

How to Become One of the Top Commenters on Facebook?
Well, i really dont know how i became one, what i know was i just commented on some 9gag pictures. And there..i am now a top commenter. But based on my research, you can become on by these following tips:

  • Put with a high quality comments
  • Comments will be Liked by other users.
  • Dont comment with spam.
If you want to become one, you must try above tips. You are more happy if you become one. :))

If im a TOP Commenter, then what are the benefits of this status?
Well, based on my observation, user with a TOP Commenter status has a High Chance to be liked with their  comments. Also, if you want to add link url, it will display a link not a merely text.

Additional tip:

Try to use 9gag mini in your chrome.
You can download and install it here => 9gag Mini

once you installed it, it will display a window below right for the new 9gag pic. I used it because when it pop out below right, i thought for myself...this is it..time to fun commenting.

Enjoy! :)) Happy Commenting!


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