28 July 2012

Google Doodle: London 2012 Archery 07/28/2012

Google's homepage features London 2012 Archery with a graphic of a woman aims the target. The archery event is scheduled to be an eight day period from July 27 2012 to August 3 2012.

128 athletes will be competing for the medal awards.

There are 4 events at Lord's Cricket Ground in London (ground stand built that accommodates to 6,500 viewers).
  • Men individual
  • Women individual
  • Men team
  • Women team
2 Events Categories

Individual Events
  • 64 Competitors
  • Match will be of best of 5 sets with 3 arrows per set.
  • Winners will receive 2 points
  • Archers have tied score will receive 1 point
Team Events
  • Match will consist of 24 arrows
  • Team has 8 members
  • Team with the highest score will WIN
Brief History of Archery
It was said that the first appearance was saw in Paris 1900 the second Olympic games and there were 7 disciplines contested from different distances.



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