15 July 2012

Heliohost: Free Web Hosting Website

Looking for Free and Professional Web Hosting for project, test code implementation,and build own website?To build and test code ONLINE from different languages is very important. It is for preparation in real world than to test your code it locally.

Web hosting is a rapidly growing market these days. Most of Web Hosting offers good pricing. If you want to experience quality service, pay and expend amount of amount out of it. How about Free? Free Web Host can be acquired too but with less features and supports but Heliohost offers good, free, and quality service equal to Paid Hosting or sometimes Heliohost is better.

Heliohost - Powerful, Free, and Quality Web Host
Heliohost is a FREE Web Hosting that has a cool features that most Professionals would loved which Heliohost can offer. For more than 5 years in business, Heliohost aiming to provide quality and Free Web Hosts to all Users out there. Features include Programming Web Languages( PHP, Phyton, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net, JSP), Database Engines( MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite).

Why Choose Heliohost?
Heliohost is a top and has more FEATURES offer.

  • FREE
  • Dont require forum posting
  • No force ads
  • Servers are stable and fast ( Stevie and Charlie - Cody and Johnny server)

Top Features offer:

  • PHP - PHP 5 hosting with safe-mode disabled. Libraries include cURL, GD, Sockets, XML, RPC, and many more)
  • ASP.NET - Few web hosting website supports ASP.NET 3.5 Scripting, Heliohost offers this ASP.NET Package
  • Ruby on Rails - Based on Ruby Programming language, this framework makes web 2.0 application easy and reusable with built-in libraries and recyclable code.
  • Python - Offers comprehensive library functions that let developers to focus on design.
  • JavaServer Pages - JSP is from the makers of Java. It simplifies web development by offering shortcuts.
  • Perl - one of the most popular programming languages for web development. It has powerful string processing capabilities.
  • MySQL- most popular database engine. Heliohost offers great MySQL full service.
  • PostgreSQL - most advanced open source database. It is alternative database for web applications.
  • cPanel - most popular control panel. Heliohost offers this service to users. Cpanel provides webmasters support and service to simplify the work.
To summarize features:

Scripting Languages
  1. PHP
  2. ASP.NET
  3. Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  4. Python & Django
  5. Java
  6. Perl
  7. SSI
URL & Domains
  1. HelioHost.org subdomain
  2. Works with your domain
  3. Unlimited subdomains
  4. Unlimited parked domains
  5. Unlimited add-on domains
System & Software
  1. Heliohost hardware
  2. Apache 2.2
  3. cPanel 11
  4. Softaculous
  5. FrontPage Server Extensions
Database Engines
  1. MySQL
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. SQLite
Space & Bandwidth
  1. 500mb disk space
  2. Unlimited FTP accounts
  3. File Manager
  4. Unlimited bandwidth transfer
  5. Unlimited SQL accounts
Email System
  1. Unlimited email accounts
  2. Horde
  3. SquirrelMail
  4. RoundCube
  5. Horde
  6. POP3
  7. IMAP
  8. Custom MX records
  9. SpamAssassin
Heliohost also offers good support.
Forum Support: http://www.helionet.org/

Sign Up Heliohost account here

It is almost 2 years now since i got an account here. I used it for my code implementation, installing CMS and new web apps, and for my personal webpage also :)). For me, it is the best FREE web hosting ive experienced and used.


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