21 July 2012

ZbigZ: Direct Download Torrent File

BitTorrent nowadays is widely used. This peer-to-peer downloading system can share to people around the globe by using the torrent link, magnet link or torrent file. As with my post about the Torrent, Best Torrent Sites, you can see how torrent works. 
Remember Torrific? Its the first website ive experienced to have a feature to download without torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent. The alternative for the torrific is this ZbigZ.

ZbigZ is a Free Website Tool that can direct download torrent files without using any torrent client. Yes, you can download just using of the browser to save it in your PC.

How to direct download ZbigZ?
1. You need to get the torrent link or magnet link in a torrent sites. Where to visit best torrent sites?
2. Copy those torrent link or magnet link in the ZbigZ textbox as shown above.
3. Then click Go!

How ZbigZ works?
Clients/Users share a file into the ZbigZ cloud. With this scenario, the user can download the file directly to their web browser.

ZbigZ Features
  • Files can be all available for download (from movies, videos, mp3s, ebooks and softwares )
  • No network restriction unless it is blocked by the system admin.
  • Safe and Secure: It uses secure http(https) protocol and it is anonymously download. 
  • No need to install. You can just download tru web browser by pasting the torrent or magnet link
  • Fast and FREE!
  • Download Playlists.
  • Remote Download. It has Resume Capability that lets you continue download the file.
Go and Register here http://zbigz.com

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