15 July 2012

Ford Motor Company Open Source Platform Cars

Ford Motor Company joins part of the technology world. This part called Car as an IT platform was the first auto maker to open research lab for Open Source Platform -- OpenXC. The OpenXC platform supports latest mobile devices and allow application developers to make it better.
Chennai-based Ford India represents on application technology to its research platform OpenXC

The Idea of Ford Open Source Platform
The idea came from a certain person - they simply called him What's Next Guy, he was the pioneers work in IT and Open Platforms -- Ford's K. Venkatesh Prasad, Group and Senior Technical Leader of Vehicle Design and Infotronics.

Who is K Venkatesh Prasad?
John Ginder of Systems testified, "Prasad is really a thought leader in the company around consumer experience and interfacing not only with consumers but also developers. He's a senior technical leader. This is a high technical position within Ford. He's got a lot of different hats that he wears... He was one of the folks who helped develop SYNC many years ago."

In 1996, Ford hired Prasad from Silicon Valley in 1996 ( While working as a Senior Researcher Ricoh and at Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

On Shivani Shinde reports, to quote:

"Last fall, we launched OpenXC in the US and it is still in the beta phase. We are working with three universities there such as MIT, Michigan and Stanford. India is the first country outside of the US where we are opening our platform to application developers. Currently, we are working with a few partners like HCL Technologies. Before I get back to the US, we hope take at least one university on board". 

The official didn't give further details as to what revenues would have with application developers. But Prasad said it could be Android based or iPhone App Store model. He added:
"We are trying to create a developer story rather than a car story. At the end, it is the consumer who will benefit,'he said."

OpenXC - Open Source
Ford Research and Innovation and New York - Based Bug Labs developed an open source hardware and software platform - OpenXC.

OpenXC is a platform that allows local developers to create market apps that connects to mobile. Its interface module were based on the Arduino platform in which the developers can allow data reading from the car internal communication network. Ford also gives APIs to developers. Furthermore, cars will have internet music providers and 3rd party maps. Today, car owners will experience digital world.

It was in the late 1990s when Prasad's group is trying to bring software into the car and looking for more research and experiments.

Visit here: OpenXC.


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