14 July 2012

First Cashout: Nuffnang Advertiser

Nuffnang is an Asia Pacific Advertising company that helps both publishers ( to earn money ) and advertisers(to expose and more traffics). Nuffnang is a Free Service just like Adsense. It is more on specific country that displays their ads to a website.

First Cash Out Nuffnang
Yes, it is my first cash out since i earned it in August 2011. Wah! Its almost 1 year then. But the good thing is: you earn, though its small. ( I know because i dont have more traffics and contents in my blog ). Compare to Adsense, I already Earned Twice => ( My 2nd Cash Out Adsense Cash Out | My 1st Cash Out See More Here ) more than Nuffnang. But doesnt matter, the important is you share what you have experienced and learned to others.

How to Register and Earn with Nuffnang?
Registration is FREE and it does not need to be a premium user, invests and expend money. 
Register here: Sign Up: Nuffnang

The good thing about Nuffnang is that it has a Campaign Earning( fixed amount you will earned - but it is relatively small than in Buffered Earnings - My Highest Earning was Php 445 only )

Take note based on my observation that Nuffnang Earnings are based on the traffics( this is important because if you dont have traffics though it displays ads it cant earn )
Important to note: Nuffnang has a transaction  fee  Php 20.00 to any cashout payment. And a 30 days of processing the payment and can be sent to Paypal Account.

Also, Nuffnang is famous and was use by most artist here in Philippines.

How to Earn Money with Nuffnang?
Earning Money to Nuffnang is like in Adsense, it earns you when someone clicking the Nuffnang Ads. Unlike Adsense that the ads were based on the Key Words in the content or in search results while Nuffnang only available when it has more advertiser ( need to prove it, i only put my observations here ) so it is static ads.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and earn money tru blogging. If you want to earn money online check this it: Earn Extra Money Online

Here i Earn Php2.585.85

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