21 July 2012

Facebook: See Online Friends While You Are Offline

Ever wanted to see your online Facebook friends while you are in offline mode? Yes, you can view all your online friends even if you are offline. How to see Facebook online friends? 
Facebook Chat is one of the coolest features experience by a mere user (like me). You can send instant text to your Facebook buddies. There is one thing that Facebook Chat lacks -- the ability to see online friends while you are in offline mode. Some Chat like Google Chat or Yahoo Messenger has this feature: Invisible mode that can view online friends.

The Advantage

The pros of this is you can offline so that no one will be able to chat you (sounds harsh) but sometimes you really do it because of some reasons. It might be: 
  • You are working and you dont want to see pop up chat window
  • You are not a Chatter Type.
  • You are annoyed by some of your friends( mostly not your personal friends ^_^

How to SEE ONLINE Friends?
By using this application => https://apps.facebook.com/newonlinenow you can see your online Facebook friends while offline.

1. Click the Online Now App: A way to see which of your friends are online without turning on Facebook Chat... No String Attached.

2. Click Go to App button
Note: The application will gather some of your basic information. Also, i used the Only Me in Who can see posts this app makes for you on your FacebooK Timeline.

3. Then click Allow
4. Try to go offline in your chat
5. You can see online friends now.

Now, i have 105 online Facebook Online Friends while i was offline. You can still see Online and Idle Friends too. I hope you like this app.

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