12 July 2012

Experience and Earn Credits From Fancy

Fancy is a new social media network that discovers you with a great stuff, favorite brands and stores and can earn Fancy credits by sharing any item on sale with your unique referral tag.
Fancy is similar to Pinterest that a users can publish and share photos by "pinning" it while you can "Fancy It" photos you like. Also, Pinterest can optimize any websites since it has millions of visitors per day, same with the Fancy too. The only different about with Fancy and Pinterest is that Fancy is more like Online Shopping ( Ecommerce site).

Did you know that Fancy has more than $10,000 sales per day? Yes, and the users can get the reward and earn Fancy credits by just sharing featured item that has unique urls.

How to Register and Earn Fancy Credits?
You can click here and Earn Fancy Credits => Register Here
You Earn Credits at the same time you Fancy It your Loved Photos and you can share it too.


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