24 July 2012

Google Doodle: Amelia Earhart July 24 2012

Do you know or sing Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore and Johathan? I guessed you are familiar with that love song. And maybe, that song might be your theme song of your love one partner.

In Jonathan's 2nd stanza: "Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart? Who holds the stars up in the sky? Is true love just once in a lifetime? " You might not noticed that name mentioned in the lyrics , and so with I, like who cares? I just wanted to sing that song and thats all. But today, as ive seen in the Googles homepage

It display like this:

Who is Amelia Earhart by  the way?

Amelia Earhart was the First Woman who fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia Earhart borth on July 24, 1897 (No wonder why Google features her in their Homepage) its 115 years now (2012).

Her records

  • Noted American aviation pioneer
  • Author(wrote best selling books about her flying experiences)
  • Formation of The Ninety-Nines (organization for female pilots)

More about Amelia Earhart


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