21 June 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet: A Quick Look

When was the last time Microsoft launched their Windows? The rise of Windows was on the mid 80s after its MS-DOS with its founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. And that era, Microsoft was known as the largest Software Corporation in the world. But did you know that after with its Windows OS, it came from the UNIX and it is called XENIX?

How many people DISLIKE Windows?

Though its domination and popularity, there are lots of people dislike Windows especially Linux Users. The reason was of its cool Feature -- Crashed the BSOD :)) And yes, we all experienced the frustration when we saw that blue screen of errors -- the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) (sigh). But its not new, in fact, the embarrassing part was on April 1995, when Bill Gates presented a pre-launching of its Windows 98 live on TV. And yes, when windows installed the driver for a certain device, the computer crashed and that was the moment on information people about Blue Screen of Death.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft introduced a new tablet for better for productivity especially in Mobile Computing Market. The Tablet will attach to a removable rubberized keyboard. Is this the device will kill the iPad?

Microsoft Surface Tablet VS Apple iPad (see the photo)
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The Microsoft, according to news, will link the device with its new Operating System  - Windows 8.

  • Works on Windows RT Operating system that will run on low powered chips
  • 9.3 mm Thick
  • 0.7 mm thick kickstand
  • 3 mm thick Touch Keyboard
  • 1.5 pounds (device weighs)
  • 16:9 aspect ratio  Video Widescreen Format
  • Price: $499-$829
  • Magnetic Rubberized Keyboard 
  • 10.6mm screen
  • 16GB/64GB Storage
When you turn on your PC, you will see Windows Desktop but in Microsoft Surface Tablet it uses the "Metro Tile-Based-Theme" as you can see above photo.


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