26 June 2012

HOW TO: RESIZE Partition in Windows 7

Have you ever been asked to yourself on how to resize your C: drive? I might guess, you really want to resize because of the thought it is a necessary especially on adding some bytes(GB) so that you can install some softwares or perhaps it will optimize and perform faster.  On windows, theres a utility called Disk Management - that can use to change drive letters, shrink partitions, format drives and other disk management tasks. However, it has a limitation and when it comes to optimizing the performance and perfect resizing partition -- theres a freeware for that and of course, it is more likely a commercial one.

EaseUS Partition Master: Resizing Partition, Adding Drives, Copy-Create-Delete-Format, Explore, Hide and Unhide Partition

EaseUS Partition Master is a great partition tool use for restructuring the contents in a drive. It performs Resize, Create, Delete, Format and Move Partition.

As for Partition Power function, i would recommend you to use EaseUS Partition Master to resize your Partition in WINDOWS 7 ( But can also resizes in Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 8 )
Why USE EaseUS Partition Master?
You are not force to use and like this software but this application is:

  • FREE
  • Works Perfectly with Hardware Raid
  • Data Protection during operations
  • Fast
  • Cool Graphic Interface
  • Loved by milllion users

Download here: http://www.partition-tool.com/landing/home-download.htm


  1. Run the software that can be obtained here: Download here
  2. In your Main Interface, just choose any drive you want to resize ( the menu also has merge,delete,format, and copy )

3. In resize menu, you can drag the Ball Icon to right (in Right position orange arrow) or to left (in right position  green arrow), but if you have some difficulties on dragging your mouse. You can manually input size (in MB before and after)...You can see the preview below if you are resizing the drive.
4. Click Ok then click Apply then you are done :)


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