15 June 2012

HOW TO: Modify, Add, View EXE Files

Why do we have to modify .exe? Sometimes, you are curious enough and at some point you are planning to view the EXE files and sometimes, if what your thinking twist, you want to modify it. Probably, because you want to change the title in the window. Even if you are  not programmer/techy person, you can still do it using Resource Hacker Tool. However, for a normal user, it doesnt mind about EXE files. :)

Resource Hacker  is a small,powerful, free tool to add, modify, view, and delete resources in Windows executable files (.exe files) and resource files. Resource hacker works on win9x, winNT, win2000,winXP, Vista, and Win7. It is written on Delhi ( RAD programming language) by programmer Angus Johnson. And it is on currently Version ( you can download Resouce Hacker v3.6.092 here ) a 730 kb file.

How to use Resource Hacker to Modify EXE files?
1. Download Resource Hacker Resouce Hacker v3.6.092 
2. Install and RUN, open any .exe file ( i opened Calc.exe here )
3. You can explore the folders, here... you can Modify, Delete, Edit some properties here. 

What are the files i can view?
Resource Win32 Executable Files that can be viewed as follows:
  • *.exe
  • *.dll
  • *.cpl
  • *.ocx
  • *.res

Can I Extract the files opened by the tool?
Yes, you can extract the resources and save it into .res format (includes icons, bitmaps, cursor, menus, dialogs)

Modify/Rename/Replace EXE files
Image resources can be replaced/modified into another image file format (.ico, .cur, .bmp), or even .res/.exe file .

Changing Resources
For Icons / Cursors / Bitmaps:

1. First select the resource ( e.g. Bitmap ,icon ).
2. Now click on Action -> Replace Icon or Cursor or Bitmap....

Can I Add new resources to executables?
Yes, you can enable a software and can add a custom icon or bitmap (company logo 
etc) to a program's dialog.

  • Tool can read 32bit and 64bit EXE, and it cannot read 16bit
  • There may be errors in recompiling forms
  • Difficult in viewing EXE files because some exe are packed/compressed


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