27 June 2012

HOW TO: Display Author Data in Web Results

Steps on How to Display the Author's Image in Google Search. The author information displayed in search results was part of the google's great feature - Google Authorship. Google Authorship helps blogger/author to display their information in search results to help the users to explore and discover great content and it adds credibility of the author.
Google Authorship is a really Great tool. In my experience, i really choose to click first those link that has an image( below is my sample authorship -- though i didnt know the author but since i see the image i clicked it.) and it creates credibility to the writer( which can be trusted by you know the author - not just nick/alias rather their true name ).

How does it affects to the authors?

If you(blogger like me!) have this kind of feature, then it can potentially increase your traffic and grow your audience. If you are known writer, then should i say, WOW...its a great plus plus =) In user point of view, they build trust and credibility of the author. ( i hope they build trust to myself hehe)

Requirement(Very Important )

First and most important part: Have a Google+ account. Register here => http://plus.google.com/
  • You need to have Google+ Account and MUST with a good, recognizable image as your profile photo.
  • Remember to upload a high quality headshot and fill out some profile information.
There are 2 OPTIONS in displaying the author information:
1. Verify your Email address to link your profile in GOOGLE+.  Click here to Verify

And a confirmation will be sent to your email and you need to click the verify button
And now you are verified. But  Take note, Google does not guarantee that your information will be display in Google Web Search or Google News results.

2. Use the Rel attribute in a link ( <a href="http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=219040821802169216"> ) to link your content to your Google+ Profile.</a>
2 .Then, add a reciprocal link to your google+ contribute to =>; http://plus.google.com/me/about/edit/co 
3. click the Add Custom Link, then enter your website URL you want to display author information. 
4.Then click Save.

I applied both options, and now i see the good results wew. I can view my post with my image and google+ account information.

NOTE: if you want to see author data you can extract it from your page then use http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
click me to enlarge

If you see Verified: Publisher markup is verified for this page, its a good sign! :)

Additional TIPS:
  • Add Rel="author" in any where in the page. But i use in it in my footer
  <a href="http://mabzicle.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html" rel="author">About Mabzicle </a>
im a screenshot =P

In your About Me link, add Rel="ME" in the page

Sample Code
<a href="https://plus.google.com/105177965050150220798">Richard </a> is an official Blogger on last 2011. But created the blog in 2009. The Author see it is potential earning source.


Wait for 2-4 days that google  fetch your content and "might" display your image in web result. I quoted "Might" because Google (as ive stated) does not guarantee bloggers/authors to display their data in search results.

Oh wait, when you click More By the author see image below:
With this, if you click it, it will search on the author's post( it adds the author name on the search textbox)

In blogger, you can switch your blogger profile to Google+ Profile, because linking your blogs (in blogger) to your G+ will help you share content with your friends,circles,and public. With this method, it can potentially grow your visitors. But this is optional though. (but it helps in displaying author information in web results)

Hope it helps you. If you have some problems regarding authorship, comment below.
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