30 June 2012

HOW TO: Cash Out AdSense Via Western Union

Its been almost 6 months since my 1st Google AdSense Cash out...Its been a long time since i have got money from one of the biggest corporations in the world.... And its been a long time i have waited for Google next payment revenue.
After those 6 months of blogging -- sweats, sacrifices and efforts here and there, (Big Sighs) i guess it is time to get what i have INVESTED on posting contents.

Earning FREE: Just Post Content
They said: The best thing is LIFE is FREE. and i say, ABSOLUTELY.

Blogging is FREE, you can post what interest you and you can EARN money for that. To start, you need to register here: http://blogger.com - its a free blog service offer by Google. To post content only doesnt earn itself, you need to have Advertisers -- say sample: http://google.com/adsense. Nuffnang or you can view some advertisers here: Free Advertisers Online

For Adsense Registration: Take note that before registering AdSense, you MUST have some Traffics and Unique Quality Posts. ^_^

I didnt use NETWORKING strategy here, i didn't recruit friends, i didnt ask payment for registration fees. (should i say simply because, i just cant be in NETWORKING business hehehe ).To continue, yes I know Making Business is not Free . You must INVEST Money on it, exert lots of marketing strategy .... and Earn Cash later on. But what if you have NOTHING? How can you invest? In that way, you must work and earn money for it. What if you are a STUDENT? hmmm.. Save your allowance instead..^_^.

How did I earn Money?
Actually, I also spend money by using internet access -- its too expensive and slow opps. So i pay and use money here. To earn money is not as simple as counting 1,2,3. To earn good cash flow, you need Determination, Skill, Patience, Connections, and of course MONEY (i forgot etc). 

Some says: you will earn money $1000/month -- and WOW but is a way too difficult though it is possible. But here, it will be FREE. You will  just need INTERNET connection! :))

I earned Money because I just simply Posted Useful (it might =P) Contents. Though, it is 'all' in wrong Gramming  opps and im sorry for that, but still i'm learning and enjoying it. 
More information here => How to Earn Money Online

My introduction was a quite long and boring but i included it because maybe you might wonder on how to earn in blogging in the First Place right? How can you cash out if you dont earn Money? ^_^ For those who uses Adsense as part of their Extra Income Source and those who are new to Adsense it might be useful information( yes yes, if you know adsense a lot better than me and youll get irritate with my post - i am sorry sir/madame )

Google Form of Payments

There are 3 options you want to use
1.Western Union Quick Cash payments
Available for pick-up the day after the payment date just view your Google Adsense 
**No additional fee
2.  Standard Delivery checks
Sent by regular mail and should arrive within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.
3. Secured Express Delivery checks
Sent via courier and should arrive within 1 week. 
Payments typically arrive within 5-10 business days

**Here i choose Western Union Quick Cash because it is Fast and Free.

Western Union Quick Cash is a form of payment method that allows to receive AdSense payments in cash using the worldwide Western Union money transfer service.

You can pick up payments at local Western Union Agent the day it was sent to your adsense account.

Important: It must the same information when you setup your Western Union Payment
You can set your Western Union Payment in your Google Adsense Payment Settings

Also the payment option is only available to Individual Publisher. The cash payment will be in US Dollars, but in our case, our local currency differs because we have Philippine Peso Currency and it will convert dollar into Peso according to local rates. They are many Western Union that supports and accepts Google adsense => You can visit here: Countries That Support Western Union

Because it does not charge fee in receiving payments, it will be the best Option as starters (like me :P)

Receiving payments by Western Union Quick Cash

How to sign up for payments by Western Union?
Before Receiving payments, you must set up your Adsense to opt to Western Union Quick Cash.
Complete the following Steps
Sample Screenshot

1. Log in to your Google Adsense account: www.google.com/adsense.
2. Visit the Home tab and click Account settings in the left hand panel in your Adsense Page.
3. Click 'edit payment method' under the 'Payment settings' header.
4. Select the Western Union Quick Cash radio button.
5. Click Continue.
6. Click Save changes to save your payment type.

How to Cash Out Payment?
To get your payment by Western Union Quick Cash

Important Notes:
1. You need to find Western Union Agent located in the country, to know and find WU Agent visit http://www.payment-solutions.com/agent.asp
In my case, i just wen to the Western Union and fill up information :)

2. Bring Valid ID/Clearances (Government Issued Photos/Clearance)
  • passport ID
  • postal ID
  • NBI Clearance 
  • Police clearance,
  • Barangay Clearance 
  • Voter's ID
  • *Company ID
  • *SSS ID
  • *Student ID
*private non Government issued but it depends on the teller which ID they will ask from you.

Some Western Union were strict, however, in my experience, i used NBI clearance on first cashout, and in my 2nd cash out, they look for the Student ID but i show them my postal ID. I would suggest bring all your VALID Government IDs.

3. Senders Information
To know the sender please check the details in your payment page
Heres my Sender Information

I would suggest you print it in a paper serves as a reference when you are in Western Union

In Western Union Form, it is important to put correct the following
  • Money Tranfer Control Number (MTCN) - see above screenshot
  • Senders Information - see above screenshot
  • Amount of Payment - see above screenshot
  • Your Name and address must be the same in your AdSense-Western Union Payee Name
***you can change/update it
How long did I get the payment?
Actually, in May, i already got $100 earning and it is ready to cash out, but since Google has payment schedule rule. They said it will be next week since the 1st week is for processing the earnings (check invalid clicks etc),also, Google does not guarantee for the payment for that particular week. Just in my case, i got $100 on the month of May, and i cash out it on June 26 2012. But before that, adsense displays what day to get back and it is on July 1 2012 for the payment. Luckily, i got it on 26th though i expected it in 23rd day because on my 1st Cash Out it was processed in payment date on December 23 2011.


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