23 June 2012

Google Tributes Alan Turing 06/23/2012

Today is a normal day -- June 23 2012. But if you are using Google Search to look for a something. You will notice a graphical representation -- a Turing Machine.

Who is Alan Turing?

  • Born June 23 1912 died on June 7 1954 - (100 years now)
  • British Mathematician
  • Wartime Code Breaker
  • Pioneer of Computer Science ( Father of Computer Science )
  • Develop Turing Machine
Turing Machine Simulate
What is a Turing Machine?
Turing Machine is a device (from Alan Turing) that can simulate logic symbols of the tape and is adapted to any Computer Algorithm. It is useful in explaining the functions of the CPU.

Turing consists of:
  1. Tape
  2. State Register
  3. Finite Table

  1. Turing's very first machine
  2. Copy routine
  3. 3-state busy beaver...

Google Tributes Alan Turing 06/23/2012

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