20 June 2012

Globe Tattoo Unlimited is a Fake

You are here because of some factors: First, you are interested to find out if it is true or not. Secondly, you are a Globe User. Third, if you are not availing Globe Promos, maybe you want to find out some information about Unlimited Connection of Globe Tattoo. And finally, you are here because you are bored. =P

Registering the Promo
If you want to register their(globe tattoo) promo for 1 day, you can do this by SUPERSURF50 and send to 8888. And if you want 3 days, or 5days just type SUPERSURF120 or SUPERSURF200 respectively. And yes, you are happy because of the the unlimited but if you are keen in downloading and streaming im pretty sure you will get frustrated.

Reach the Limit Transfer
Data Transfer of Upload and Download can be viewed in your Dashboard (below the screenshot you will see). How does Globe computes the data rate exchange and then send you a cool yet frustrating advisory stated:  ( Advisory really gets annoying nowadays though ) GLOBE Advisory:Your data subscription for today has reached 800mb. And thats it, its gives you: You may opt to forfeit your remaining subscription to browse for P5/15 or you may dial *143# for FREE. How does it feels? i know you will curse and it so happen it sends you at the afternoon from 1pm-6pm.

Unlimited but 800MB Only
Yes, you really thought it is unlimited right? I thought too. Sometimes i did was to by pass it using some VPNs,but today, you can connect tru vpn but you cant browse. Globe blocks the interaction with VPNs. and it is really sucks. Unlimited means no end until it reach the time for a subscription in a day,3days,5days or 1month, it depends. If you total your daily usage the upload and download, (for my case, i reached 400MB downloaded and i was on my limit), i guess youll not be reached 800MB when downloading 5 videos (10MB each).
A conclusion
Since it is a fake Unlimited, then maybe we should avail subscription plan not prepaid because it is REALLY UNLI. Or switch to other ISP like SMARTBRO, PLDT, and Bayantel. :))

Or we should appeal to change their Bandwidth rule, because their promos were expensive but low signal and low bandwidth. Thanks for reading it. :)

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