15 June 2012

Globe SuperSurf Promo Details

As the ads says: "With SuperSurf, YOU’RE ON. Online all day, anywhere you are, anywhere you go." Yes, because you can access within 1day,3days, 5 days, and 1month.With globe supersurf  promo you can avail internet in your mobile/pc/laptop.

Youre ON. Anytime, anywhere with Globe

What is Supersurf?
Supersurf is a  new add-on data plan that offers unlimited access internet wherever you go(especially you are using your mobile or notebook. It is available to Globe, TM, and Globe Tattoo Broadband subscribers. Promo runs until June 30, 2012. Per DTI-NCR Permit No.  2762, Series of 2012 but can be extended by Globe.

How to Register Supersurf?
Heres the list you can choose from in availing promos.

For globe prepaid subscribers

  • For 1 day: Text Supersurf50 and send to 8888 
  • For 3 days (new): Text Supersurf120 and send to 8888 
  • For 5 days: Text Supersurf200 and send to 8888
  • For 30 days: Text Supersurf999 and send to 8888
Computation for a day consumption
  • For 1 day: it costs P50 so P55/day total
  • For 3 days: it costs P120 for 3 days so P40/day => P125 total
  • For 5 days: it costs P200 for 5 days so P40/day => P205 total
  • For 30 days: it cost P999 for 30 days so P33.3/day => P1005 total
  • Must have extra 5 pesos load amount to browse internet 
  • Limit to 800MB/day bandwidth consumption ( i thought twas Unlimited =P ) and resets midnight.
  • If you want to bypass limitation use VPN/Proxy  =D
P5 for 15 minutes surfing

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