22 June 2012

Facebook Smileys: Added on Chat Window

If you always love to chat with your Facebook friends,  I know you will love this new update by Facebook. Yes, smileys are useful to express our emotions. Having said it to you, Facebook smileys were called EMOTICONS - combine the words Emotion and Icons.

Ease of using Facebook Smileys
For the past few weeks, if you NOTICED something, you were having difficulties in using some smileys just to express your feelings.Like for instance, if you are hurt, you will use SAD Smiley =( or ='( (cry) sometimes, it will not display if you are using wrong code (symbol to make it an icon).

Facebook Smiley On CHAT Window

But today, whenIchatted one, i noticed a smiley icon ( perhaps a friendster =P ) To illustrate, see above screenshot, you will notice NOT all smileys and it only shows important icon that are mostly used (i agree^ on^)

Newly added emoticons on comments:

  • Shit poop emoticon on Facebook (added December 31, 2012)

New! :poop: -> 
Use :poop:

Lists of not included in the Chat Smiley window

  • :putnam:
  • :|]
  • :42:
  • <(")
  •  (^^^) = Shark
  • Chris Putnam:putnam:

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