23 June 2012

Facebook Edit Comments Feature

You uploaded a Cool Photo -- let us say your birthday cake -- then you commented incorrectly (maybe wrong spelling) . How do you change it? You've guessed you delete your previous comment and then you comment back. Sounds easy right?

However, Facebook sees it a little bit annoying...Oh yes, im annoyed too... and Facebook decided to offer this new Feature - the ability to edit your own comment .

How to Edit your comment?

  1. Hover your Comment to display the pencil icon (see above screenshot)
  2. Click Edit...
  3. then modify your comment
  4. Hit Enter Key or Return key to update comment
  5. Or press ESC key to cancel it
Also, you can view your Edit History, once youve updated your comment it will show Edited and you can hover and click to show your edit history. See Image below.
Do you like the feature? How does it affects your comment?


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