14 June 2012

Blog Reaches Half Million Total Pageviews

Blog Reaches Half Million Total Pageviews. Thanks for visiting my blog (a boring blog) hahaha..thanks to those who interact and help fellow by commenting some posts here.. to all spammer bots, thank you for visiting my blog.

Though im not that active in posting contents, still i managed to put some ideas gather to some useful sites and share it with you. To my advertisers thank you for giving me some earnings...thanks :))

To clarify things, i created this blog way back year 2009, unfortunately, i didnt mind posting useful contents and if i posted one, its like a wall status so the pageviews might be in 100-300 total pageviews . (hahaha). But in year 2011 (last year, as this date posted), i started to make good content, and everyday i posted at least one. and it becomes 500k now :))

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