08 April 2012

Smart Buddy Ask Credit Load

Smart Buddy Ask Credit Load. Do you ever need free load and you are no where to pay for the credit load?In some cases, its emergency and it is really important to get some credit just to text someone for that important notice or information.Well, you can try to ask credit in smart.

Try to call
and you will receive message like this.

07Apr2012 11:44: Here is ur 3 Smart-to-Smart/TNT Texts n P1 valid for 1day. P4 will be deducted on your next top-up. Txn! Ref:180146332061

here, you have 3 load and you can only send smart-to-smart/tnt for 1day upon requesting it. However, if you ever load normally, you will be deducted 4 pesos. :)) Enjoy

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