02 March 2012

VPN: Hex VPN+ Globe SmartBro Free Internet

Introducing Hex VPN Plus
Have you ever experienced changing settings to your multi-VPN like HotSpotShield, Expat, Kebrum, and RaptorVPN? Is it a tiring tweak right? In fact, even some Experts with this thingy, still it feels it tired doing, changing, editing some settings. Well, I guess some of our fellow peeps working to make it more efficiently and less tiring.

Before, there was  ShieldVPN: For Beginners that let us connect faster and more efficiently since I am not able to update and upload to it newest software - I guess, it might try to use this new VPN.

Introducing HexVPN+ version 1.1 made by  AlphaStatusv01 from Symbianize
Thanks and Credits to him! 

Written by: AlphaStatusv01
Written in: Delphi
License: FREEWARE(anybody sells it to you don't buy it!)
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 bit)

Though it has 2 VPNs only still it can kick you up! :))
  • Hot Spot Shield Servers
  • Expat Shield Servers
Here are the Features about HEX VPN + version 1.1

  • RAS Dialer. The dashboard is no longer a requirement for connecting.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Dialer Option.
  • Connect on Startup Option. (RAS should be enabled.) 
  • Four Graph Styles to choose from (3D Area, 3D Line, 2D Area, and 2D Line). 
  • Execute File Option.
  • Mediafire link generator.
  • 500+ Globibo Config included (Hotspot Shield and Expat Shield servers). 
  • 500+ Smarty Config included (Hotspot Shield and Expat Shield servers). 
  • Auto Ping.
  • Auto Flush DNS.
  • Real-time Statistics via Management Interface.
  • Supports more than 2,000,000,000 configs (yes, you read it right, 2 billion)
  • Automatically Detects *.ovpn Config Files and Folders.
  • Install/Uninstall TAP0901/TAPHSS drivers (Auto-detect OS Architecture)
  • Uses Multithreading Technology for Optimum Performance.
  • Portable. No dependencies. No need to install.NET Framework. No need to install 3rd party software.
  • Saves all settings to the .ini file.
  • Config Maker. 
  • Config Editor. 
  • 50 skins are available.


Hex VPN+ v1.1 (4.77MB)

Password: [email protected]

For More Information
Source: http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=621798&highlight=hotspotshield

How to Use IT?

1. just choose any servers you want either, expat or hotspot shield and connect first.
2. Connect your Dashboard
3. Wait and Relax. Enjoy.

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