18 March 2012

SimSimi Advanced Chatting Bot

Bored? Try to talk anything with SimSimi.Cool app that makes your day alive(i Guess :P ) It works well in iPhone,web, and Android apps. :))Keep in touch. Simsimi, a cool robot. 
It became a popular and favorite past time for some of us. Yes, it appears that in our facebook homepage feeds, we see some of are friends posting and enjoying doing chat with this SimSimi.

SimSimi is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) talking program that make users amused. It supports different platforms like in web, iPhone, and Android Apps. SimSimi was created by a Korean Company named ISMaker last 2002. Supports 10 Million question and answer conservation that a users engaged.

How to use SimSimi?
Well, its relatively simple, just type your Text or Touch in your smartphone anything. And it will answer funny responses.Its fast and can learn inputs by users but if it does not recognize the inputs it simple displays

Web Version
March 21 2012: SimSimi learned 11,540,669 sentences.
It supports more Languages, and it can learn about those.

You can even teach SimSimi, just click Teach Tab -> http://www.simsimi.com/teach.htm

Download Android SimSimi App

What's in this version:
1. Cartoon Style User Interface
2. Facebook login

SimSimi Faqs
Some frequent question might be useful here visit

Take Note
If you are planning to use and teach foul words, then you are not successful because the admins are Filtering specific words (ex: abusive, offensive, discriminative)

P.S. It appears that SimSimi is most likely the same with CleverBot http://cleverbot.com/ a powerful talking bot, but as of today, SimSimi becomes more popular than CleverBot.

Did you know that i created one chatting bot too? Its more on AIML language. And it hosted by Pandorabots.com, i use this to create amazing chat bot in IRC channels. You can visit here too.. and i can teach my bots too. :))

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