07 March 2012

ShieldVPN 6.0 Globe Tattoo Smart Bro

ShieldVPN 6.0 Globe Tattoo Smart Bro

New Update for ShieldVPN version 6 with new design and configuration.
Download it here
ShieldVPN 6

If you have some problems with the software, 
Troubleshoot ShieldVPN (faqs)
Read FAQs: Troubleshoot ShieldVPN here
I guess you have used the older version so you know it is running perfectly but for the new ones if you have errors while running it try to check

if you are not yet installed libraries
Download .NET Framework 3.5
before installing it you need to install framework 2 first

Download .NET Framework 2.0

Made by: Script_kiddie and do thanks to him ..and all fellow expert who made it possible for your free internet. :)


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