20 March 2012

Fast and Free File Converter Online

Converting Files in one format to another sometimes feels bit tiring and annoying but if youre looking for Media Converter Online. Well, this might be useful :)) Its Fast,Easy and Free file converter to any format you like.
Just as some softwares you downloaded and installed in your PC, this converter dont need to install because it generated and converted Online! But the problem here is if you dont have internet connection, its too bad. But since you are searching to find converter in such a way you fulfill and get what you wanted formats.

You can Visit Here: http://www.online-convert.com/

What is Online-Convert?
Basically, its a website based file converter that lets you change media files in one formats to another.
  • Its FAST
  • FREE to use
  • Easy to Use
  • Privacy Issue
There few things that your mind pops out for some questions. The following might help you out. :)
  • Files uploaded are automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • Files are not back up when user uploaded those.
  • The contents are not viewed or monitored without prior permission of the uploader.
  • Copyrighted issues, so its yours.
  • The generated new file format has a unique download URL so it is only you can download unless you save and access it.
  • Sometimes, theres a failure in conversions it may be the file is corrupt or does not support .
  • File size limit is set only to 100MB
  • Is for any reasons, your output file has more than 1 file, it compresses to  .7z format, you can use winrar or 7zip software to decompress it
Online-Converter File Supports

1. Audio Converter
  • Convert to AAC
  • Convert to AIFF
  • Convert to FLAC
  • Convert to M4A
  • Convert to MP3
  • Convert to OGG
  • Convert to WAV
  • Convert to WMA
2. Image Converter
  • Convert to BMP
  • Convert to EPS
  • Convert to GIF
  • Convert to HDR
  • Convert to EXR
  • Convert to ICO
  • Convert to JPG
  • Convert to SVG
  • Convert to TGA
  • Convert to TIFF
  • Convert to WBMP
  • Convert to WEbP
3. Video Converter
  • Convert to 3GP
  • Convert to AVI
  • Convert to FLV
  • Convert to MKV
  • Convert to MOV
  • Convert to MP4
  • Convert to MPEG
  • Convert to WMV
4.  Document Converter
  • Convert to DOC
  • Convert to DOCX
  • Convert to Flash
  • Convert to HTML
  • Convert to ODT
  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert to TXT
5. Ebook Converter
  • Convert to EPUB
  • Convert to LIT
  • Convert to FB2
  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert to LRF
  • Convert to TCR

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