25 March 2012

Blog Pageviews Reach 400k

Blog Total Pageviews Reach 400k. Mabzicle's blog has reached to 400k+ total pageviews. Its been 3years now, and i got this page views and i am thankful (but i actually post some useful information last 2010). Though, it is not popular but every pageviews like these serve as my inspiration to post,comment and help fellow individuals get information. I just want to thank visitors who follow and help this blog. Thank you! :))

  • Simple Template Used for fast browsing
  • Added Like Timer
  • Advertise portion script changed
  • Addthis horizontal bar
  • Scroll Back to top
  • Social Networking Script - Mashable like sidebar
  • Recommendation script appear below right when scrolling down
  • Do you like portion
Still it is not clean hehe...

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