24 February 2012

How to Disable Facebook Timeline

How to Get Old Facebook Profile 

Good News Friends! Timeline remove is a browser plugin script that lets you see old facebook profile.

Timeline Remove is currently available for Firefox and Google Chrome, with versions for Internet Explorer and Safari in the works.

Using this script can remove your Facebook Timeline. Facebook Timeline is a feature that lets you track all your information that arranged in order of time. With its Cover Photo which gives a new look at your profile. But some people hates it, they labeled it to be ANNOYING feature. Yes, they are many people dont like it. Unlike some techies here, they love the new profile timeline.

NOTE: Its a client based method to get your old profile back. Therefore, if you will use this plugin, you see old profile in your PC/NETBOOK/LAPTOP. And it doesnt change or apply when you will use it in other PCs.

Timeline cannot be REMOVED unless otherwise Facebook will do it. But again, in every changes with new features were added to facebook, first it will cause of bit annoyed but in latter days or month, i know you will start to like it - i Hope. :)

How to Disable Facebook Timeline

1. For Google Chrome Users
Download it hereFacebook Timeline Remover for Chrome Users

You can also disable it if you want to revert to Timeline.

In your Google Chrome -> click wrench menu -> tools -> Extensions -> look for the TimelineRemove 0.5 -> Uncheck Enabled to disable it.

2. For Mozilla Firefox Users
Download it here: Facebook Timeline Remover for Firefox

3. For Internet Explorer Users
Download it here: Facebook Timeline Remover for Internet Explorer Users
Heres my preview on my profile

Without a script
With a script

From their facebook Page:

if you want to report the site to a friend: we have created a new link:www.tmremove.com
We hope that facebook does not sign as spam, even if it is not true!

Script Powered By: http://www.timelineremove.com/

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