10 December 2011

Twitter New Interface Design

Discover and feel free with this new GUI design by Twitter
Seems that twitter also made a renovation with its interface, and it is more facebook looking. With the facebook timeline released in New Zealand and for developers, twitter makes a interface that YOURS is TO Discover and it has a new features too. Lets FLY!

Key Notes
  • Home Tab - views tweets from other people you follow. Collection of tweets: Feature news, comments and information. And it keeps everything in one place. New!
  • @ Connect Tab - its a place where you can see who mentioned you. Its an conversation also that you can see your retweets and favorite tweets. Connect with @Username New!
  • Hash Tag Discover Tab - Discover customized useful information in your stream. New!
  • Me tab - its all about You! Others can tweet directly and view lists,photos,favorites,followers, and tweets.
  • Tweet button - express yourself and sends it to the world. Can upload photos and add locations too.
  • Download for Iphone and Android

The new design which makes more similar of facebook has been into reality. Why does twitter developers choose to make be like of facebook? Twitter is a microblogging and it turns out to be same as facebook. I think the reason is ENGAGE to other users. YOURS TO DISCOVER. With this design, more users will engage in their followed person/company.

Source: https://fly.twitter.com/# for quick screenshots

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