29 December 2011

Google Adsense My First Cashout

My  First Cashout

Its has been said that Google Adsense is one of the highest revenues out there. You can have Clicksor,infolinks,smowtion, nuffnang and other advertising companies. But for me, Adsense is the best!

Though it is really hard to get one account in Google Adsense, but you need to strive more. I prefer it as my one of the source of extra income. I have work in Local here. Then if i have time, i posted some useful information. Well, now, i would like to thank Google for giving me extra money. Yes, i got my earnings last day(Dec. 26,2011 particularly).

Proof of Withdrawal

By the way, i got more earnings last july 2011, because i used to post contents and try all SEOs out there to improve my blog's visibility on search engines. If you want to earn extra income, try using Google Adsense. :) Lastly, THANK YOU GOOGLE ADSENSE! :)


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