25 December 2011

Globe Tattoo SIM + VPN Solution Tips

HOT!! Globe Tattoo SIM + VPN
Tips, Bugs and Tricks about GLOBE TATTOO. It may be FREE CALLS, TEXT, or INTERNET.
Want to have free internet with your Globe Tattoo Modem? These are the tips, solutions, instructions information you might be able to use.(and it is actually bugs of the Globe :D )

Updated: April 27 2012 BUGS (100% Working, SUPERSURF999)

  1. Just text SUPERSURF999 and send to 8888
you will received like these:

Number: 8888
Sorry, you don't have enough load to register to Globe SUPERSURF999. Load now to enjoy SUPERSURF! Minimum balance required is P1004 to avail and use SU
Time: 4/27/2012 12:42:07 PM

Number: 8888
Sorry, you are not registered to SUPERSURF. Text SUPERSURF50 to 8888, P50 for 1 day surfing or SUPERSURF200 to 8888, P200 for 5 days surfing or SUPERSUR
Time: 4/27/2012 12:56:07 PM

Number: 8888
Sorry, we were unable to process your request. Please try again later.
Time: 4/27/2012 1:04:13 PM

    2 .Once you received this bold message. Text SUPERSURF STATUS and send to 8888.

If you will read like:

Number: 8888
You are currently registered to SUPERSURF. Subscription will expire on 27/05/12 13:20. Pls maintain P5 to continue using the service. To stop the service, text SUPERSURF STOP to 8888 for free. Stopping the service will forefeit remaining unused hours.
Time: 4/27/2012 1:22:19 PM

Woooohh.. FREE INTERNET!! :) - Thanks Symbianize -Source

See screenshot for proof
click to view larger image

Updated: April 21 2012 For Butas SIM
One shot butas SIM by edmondjavier34
HSS config update + Globe Tattoo Butas SIM by drwang12
LATEST UPDATE: February 27 2012 - Connect Your GLOBE USB dongle+ Rock Sim+ Hotspotshield = FREE INTERNET

1. First, I bought GLOBE ROCKS SIM worth 50 pesos.
2. I loaded it to 60Pesos in my ROCKS SIM Number
3. Type in your GLOBE GUI -> SUPERSURF50 to make it UNLIMITED for 1day.
You are now registered to SUPERSURF50, good for 1 day using your Mobile Phone or your Globe Tattoo Broadband USB. Pls maintain P5 to continue using the service. To check status, text SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888 for FREE. To stop service, text SUPERSURF STOP to 8888. To configure your phone's GPRS/MMS settings text GO to 2951 for FREE. Save all settings you will receive. SuperSurf is suited for moderate use only, guided by Globe Policy on Fair Usage. For more details please visit www.globe.com.ph/broadband/fup. Promo til 03/31/2012 DTI-NCR No. 10250 S2011
4. Connect your GLOBE DASHBOARD.
5. If you dont have HOTSPOTSHIELD download here: GLOBE USB+HOTSPOTSHIELD
6. You need to connect your HOTSPOTSHIELD(HSS), but before that you need to change the DATA CONFIG directory in your HSS. I edit the (1).ovpn there.

I used 
  • LPORT 50 (you may use 50-55)
  • REMOTE 9201

7. Connect it.

8. Once you are about to EXPIRE your UNLIMITED, try to download big FILES, STREAM, ETC.
Your SUPERSURF svc has expired. You will now be charged P5 for 15mins for internet connections. To avoid high internet charges, register and txt SUPERSURF50 to 8888, P50 for 1-day surfing or txt SUPERSURF220 to 8888, P220 for 5-day surfing. For more info, txt SUPERSURF INFO to 8888 or call *143# for FREE to register to any surfing promo. When not on any SuperSurf plans, we recommend to turn all push notifications to manual to avoid high data charges (incl. iPhone and Nokia Messaging-capable handsets).
Time: 2/24/2012 8:05:56 PM

If you got this message yes..youre expired :)) but if you are still browsing, then you UNLOCK your SIM to FREE INTERNET. :))

NOTE: I used SUPERSURF50 last 02/23/2012, and got expired on 02/24/2012, up until now, 02/27/2012, still used the FREE NET :))

Here's my proof:

Update: December 2011
First of all, i want to thank the people who are concern about my situation last week Typhoon SENDONG. Dont worry we dont have damages in fact its a normal flood but it was 1st time happened in my life. For that, i have to break for one week. Though i have some illness but thank GOD im still kickin now.

Disclaimer: This is to INFORM you that this is not my IDEA/SOLUTION for the Connection Problems you have encountered in your GLOBE. They are lots of people out there use this as business. Its FREE actually. And i feel sorry about it. Anyways.

Thanks to sir 89dufpoqidjv and drwang12 of symbianize - partners in CRIME - Freemium Users.

SIR DRWANG12 added some steps
tested 2 different kinds of tatoo sim and 2 different globe prepaid red sim.
try nyo to. MB15. 

> lodan ang sim ng 18 pesos. text MB15, wait for the confirmation na registered ka na. dun sa dashboard mo iregister ang MB15.
> close modem
> unplugged modem from your pc
> restart pc
> replace other sim (not availed promos) sa modem mo
> plug modem
> connect modem
> sa dashboard text ka ng BAL to 222.
> wait for the reply
> close modem
> unplugged modem
> replace sim ulit. yung sim na registered sa MB15 na ulit isalpak mo
> connect modem
> connect vpn na lport 52 and rport 9201. browse then diskonek both modem and vpn
> then connect mo lport 137 and rport 9201
> browse ka ng 15 mins. pag nagyellow reconnect modem and dashboard
> once reach at least 15 minutes. on your dashboard text PSURFMB STOP to 8888
> then continue browse lang. browse and observe until you reached 1.5 hrs.
> to test if the simcard is still working after the next day.
disconnect modem and openvpn
> try to connect
> if that doesnt work, make it lport 52 and rport 9201
> if thats sucessful back to your config and edit it to lport 137 rport 9201
> browse

source: symbianize
Possible Solutions
  • change lport to 52,53,54,and 800. Based on my location and own testing, it works well in lport 800
  • change rport to 9201
Steps in Connecting
  1. connect youtr HSS(hotspot) with lport 800 and rport 9201. Basically, it will not connect
  2. connect your Globe Dashboard, your HSS will initiated a handshake connection
  3. just wait to connect. If i cant, try to use other LPORT
If you dont have the HSS software visit here

Just a bit of information, if you are successfully connected, theres a CMD window that pings Google. IF YOULL SEE ping MS, TTL, then you can browse freely. Based on my own testing, usually i got time: 500-3000 ms which makes it very very slow. I waited for 20mins just to load the entire page. How about you? You can try in your location for proof.

If you are LUCKY, then you can browse with fast connection. And it really depends on factors
  • Globe SIM (old or new)
  • Location
  • Your Globe MODEM RAS type issues
so if you are still doubting, you can try your luck.  For now, i used SUPERSURF50 :) . I think my smart sim was blocked too :) So i have to be UNLIMITED and pay an amount. :)) God bless.

You can also check this instructions by sir drwang12

Sir, Thank you for the information! Time to repay our Service Providers :))

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