10 December 2011

Facebook Timeline Opens For Public

When will the facebook timeline be OPEN for all?
It becomes more exciting to know when will really Facebook Timeline be released for public. I guess i dont need to be more excited because i already enabled it when the Facebook first released it to developer after keynote in f8 conference.

Why delay to serve it to public?
Facebook Timeline was in hold to be on Public because of the file case issued by Timeline Inc with a copyright infringement lawsuit.

No Worries, It Will Be Out

According to CNN, Facebook begins to rolls out its feature - Facebook Timeline interface - to New Zealand Users and some countries  would be out in near future.

If you are not in New Zealand, you might try to enable timeline. Click: Enable Facebook Timeline: developer mode

Is Facebook Timeline a Better Feature?
This question might be applied that facebook made a news for its new feature, and the majority comment will be: NO to UPDATE! For example, the new sidebar CHat, Ticker, and other features that normal users see it of no USE at all.

So inline it with the Timeline, i guess more users will not like it, but some users especially really see this feature a MONSTER. That other developers make useful app for this feature. But again, whether we dont like some features in Facebook, we are liking ended up accepting it instead.

So do you like to update your profile?

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